Study in Australia and experience an education that really makes a difference and adds tangible value. The style of study encourages creativity, innovation and to think independently, all skills that will serve you well, once you join the workforce. If you are interested in furthering your education and creating a solid foundation for your future get in touch with us at 3WGE as expert Australian education consultants in Sri Lanka, we will guide and assist you with the preparations for study in Australia.



Australia is recognized the world over for its vibrant, inclusive culture and warm acceptance of people from around the world with friendly ease. Further graduates from Australia have proven track records of finding jobs and maintaining successful careers, anywhere in the world. Additionally, a graduate from Australia is readily accepted for postgraduate studies at leading international universities owing to the strength of their Australian degrees.
Australia has more than 40 universities that provide over hundreds of opportunities to study a host of different subjects. As an international student, you will be offered the larger universities where you will have a wide choice of course combinations. Discuss with us at 3WGE, your Australian education consultants in Sri Lanka, for more details so you can make an informed decision regarding your study options.


Through encouraging innovative thinking and creativity, graduates from Australian universities can adapt to any work environment and perform diligently. This is a recognized and much sought after quality which is why the Australian education system has an impressive international reputation. The Australian government carefully regulates the education system to ensure continued high standards, which is why students who study in Australia enjoy such endless benefits. Another appealing feature of the Australian education system for international students is the quality of scientific research, as Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations.


Student life abroad is not only about attending classes. It is also about growing and developing as a full rounded individual, filled with experiences that help mould you into a global citizen. In Australia there is always something to do such as invigorating outdoor activities, adventures such as exploring the rock formations, some two billion years old, at the great Australian outback or hours of scuba diving in the famous Gold Coast and snorkelling along the Great Barrier Reef.
If you have an afternoon or weekend off, visit the many world-class museums, art centres, aquariums and water parks that Australia has an abundance of. If you are in Sydney then the famous Sydney Opera house is a must visit, with over 40 shows per week. Even if you don’t want to attend a show, the Opera House itself is just a fascinating place to visit and tour and spend a quiet evening just looking out over the water. The Harbour Bridge area too is lovely for contemplative walks. No matter where in Australia you are based for your studies, you will find amazing and affordable cafes and restaurants for a satisfying meal and a warm beverage.


On top of being one of the most inclusive countries in the world, Australia’s standard of living is also amongst the highest in the world. For international students, living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower in Australia which has a massive overall impact when budgeting for education expenses. Another boon for students from abroad is that they can work part time while studying, so you are able to supplement your savings for living and tuition fees. There is also the possibility of scholarships which are a great asset for international students. Inquire from your chosen university’s financial aid department to see what scholarships are available and if you will be eligible.


Check with your Australia visa consultants in Sri Lanka regarding work opportunities for students, but generally on a student visa you are able to work up to 20 hours per week, while studying. It not only allows you to enjoy an income to cover expenses such as rent, groceries, utilities and maybe tuition fees, it also allows you to gain Australian work experience and also if you so wish, work experience in your chosen field of interest.



After all the effort taken to find the correct university and study courses, the next big decision you must make is where to stay. If you are travelling and living abroad alone for the fist time, on-campus housing is a good option. It helps ease the stress of being along for the first time. Catering to mainly international students, nearly all universities do offer this option. It allows for greater interaction with fellow housemates and students and makes it easier to adjust to your new life. Applying early is smart as these fully-furnished affordable rooms are popular and get snapped up quickly.
If, however, you are comfortable with being on your own or want to lower costs by co-renting, off-campus rental properties are another viable choice. It does give you more freedom and flexibility and you can choose to reside with friends which makes it great for bonding. This can be a slightly pricier option to residing on-campus.
Another accommodation option is to homestay with an Aussie family. You can fully integrate with the Aussie lifestyle and usually meals are provided with rooms being offered either as single or shared with another international student. However, this option can be less flexible than renting or living on campus as you will be living with a family and should be respectful of their requirements.
At 3WGE we value being your trusted Australian education consultants in Sri Lanka and are always at hand to guide and assist you with the process of studying in Australia. Further, as Australian visa consultants in Sri Lanka we assist you with collecting and submitting the necessary documents and advise you on all the necessary requirements needed ensure you are successful in your venture to study in Australia.


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