Developed Hospitality & Tourism Sector

Bahrain has been ranked amongst the world’s top 15 most economically free nations. The hospitality sector in the Kingdom has been developing at a fast pace to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry. Bahrain’s Hospitality & Tourism industry is poised to grow at 7.6% in 2018 thus contributing to increased human resource development and training in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector.

With an expat population equaling to one fifth of the country’s total population, Bahrain testifies to the fact that expat life can be very accommodating. However, the significant numbers of expats moving to Bahrain will fast find themselves living the high-life, loving the low-slung sea shores, and enjoying the medium-blend of modernity.
UK Institutions offer the flexibility of choice and enable you to blend academic and vocational courses of your choice.


Multi-Cultural Exposure

Bahrain offers all the usual activities that one would expect of a modern state including multiplex cinemas and regular live concerts and other music events. A major event in the Bahrain calendar is the annual Formula 1 race. Bahrain has excellent shopping facilities ranging from state of the art malls, including high-end specialist designer outlets, to more conventional shopping areas including, traditional Arabic souqs. The large international community in Bahrain ensures that goods from all over the world are found in abundance, including food.

Why study at Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail (BIHR)

BIHR has entered into a partnership with HTMi, Sorenberg, Switzerland in providing an International Hotel and Tourism Management program. The HTMi programme offered at the Bahrain campus has a wonderful blend of the prestigious Swiss certification as well as BIHR’s ethos in imparting skills and qualities essential in the international hospitality industry. They work closely with international hotel and leisure chains to ensure the balance of classroom tuition, training, personal development, leadership skills, language skills and much more.

At BIHR, students get the chance of experiencing hospitality learning from a world class learning institute thus providing students with a strong foundation to start an exciting international career. The HTMi program develops the students into innovative leaders ready to meet the standards of managerial competence in hospitality management. BIHR not only offers internationally reputed Swiss curriculum, but also has an exchange program into HTMi Switzerland & has the opportunity to transfer credits to other International Universities. They also assist in getting paid internship opportunities in Bahrain post the diploma.

Bahrain Institute of Hospitality & Retail