Studying abroad is an exciting option available for Sri Lankan students today. 3WGE has been at the forefront of enabling this option for students for over 14 years. With the experience gained we have become a top Foreign Education Consultant in Sri Lanka. As such we have strong ties with international universities as an agency that responsibly guides young students to reach their true potential abroad. It is with great confidence that 3WGE supports this aspect of education in Sri Lanka and therefore we have a 100% success rate of students achieving maximum potential at educational institutes abroad, in the stipulated time.

Our Student Counselors are well trained on identifying the aptitudes of students and directing them, from securing maximum scores at English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS or UKVI to Student Visa documentation to travel to the relevant destination. Immigration authorities respect our credibility when we support documentation and recommend students with relevant scores required for securing visas as a result of the success rate of our students. We are therefore thorough and strive to ensure legitimacy in all paperwork and related requirements. 

Considering the many options of International Education across the world, 3WGE has gathered information that will be most relevant to the student to find the best options. Affordable fees, safe and secure living conditions, availability of international cuisine, health facilities, historical significance and cultured society, acceptance of “foreigners” in their neighbourhoods on and off campus, availability of resources and facilities such as research and libraries and access to internships in relevant industries etc. All these components are available in a nation that is close to Sri Lanka at heart in the United Kingdom and affords our students many additional facilities as we are all members of the Commonwealth. 

3WGE has maintained a long standing and mutually beneficial relationship with many educational institutes in the United Kingdom. A destination that is known for impeccable and highly recognized standards of academics in majority of the Universities within the UK. Due to this aspect, the many other Universities and educational institutes the world over covets the same standards and quote relevant UK comparisons when advertising. Therefore, the UK is a highly sought after location for education by International Students. Statistics show a sharp increase of UK’s allure in academics for International Students. We are proud to announce that we have become a top go-to organization for study abroad and are considered a well-established and reputed Overseas Educational Consultant in Sri Lanka.

Our organization is geared to competitively source placements for our students, especially in the UK. We will continue to strengthen our overseas partnerships and strive to be a sought after Foreign Education Consultant in Sri Lanka. Being well established also improves our credibility with the relevant stakeholders. It is therefore an advantage to students to work with 3WGE for assured access to top Universities in the UK.

As the UK has been placed the second most sought after destination for International Students / Education, the advantage is the recognition of any degree. Upon graduating students can easily apply and secure employment in any part of the world. It is this aspect of employability that makes the affordable tuition, accommodation on or off campus, access to participate in other activities and be socially connected and simply living in the UK all that more pleasurable to the student. Further, the standard of the educationists themselves at these highly recognized Universities are modern and far more advanced that their counterparts in other countries. The students are afforded the full benefits of such tutoring as well as the practical skills, knowledge, and aptitudes fully honed by such experienced faculty and staff. 

The technology, techniques and all modern trimmings are available in UK’s Universities. It is a known fact that these privileges for the students enables a much more marketable potential employee who are that much more confident when facing their competition at a job interview. They will score higher and face the interview with self-assurance and subject knowledge which is apparent from the many testimonials of past students of 3WGE.

It is our great pride and joy to support the many deserving potential graduates to secure placements in some of the most coveted Universities in the world, located in the UK. We strongly believe that we can continue to create the path to success by supporting applications for scholarships and recommending those with exceptional abilities. Our credibility is respected in UK educational institutes and will therefore be considered without prejudice when requested.