What to expect at the 3WGE Leadership Summit

To bring challenges to life and give students the chance to solve problems and strengthen their creativity , innovation and adaptability through ; knowledge sharing – team spirit – interaction and engagement

 Key Speakers  ; Thought Leadership

Reputed speakers and topic experts will lead discussions and workshops to inspire and educate students

 Knowledge  sharing

 Sharing of ideas – engagement and interaction is a success factor for better productivity.

Questions and Answers

 How many can participate in the Leadership Summit  on

25th  September 2016 ?

05 students from each school with the committee members and the teacher in charge.

 Is there a fee for participation ?

There is no fee for participation. It is a benefit that we will offer the students to be better future Leaders.

 How many can take part in the Essay Competition ?

Open to any student who is currently in school. The essay rules and regulations can be found in the website link.

 How many winners for the competitions

Essay competition – Winner – 1st and 2nd runners up

Speech contest – Winner – 1st and 2nd runners up

General knowledge competition ; winning team .

 Can the essay be written or printed ?

The essay can be submitted hand written or by printing with the signature of the teacher in charge/ school seal .

 How many can take part in the speech contest ?

One-two students from each school. Rules are in the website

 When will the briefing take place for the speech contestants ?

The briefing will be on the 15th of September at 3WGE head office.

 Who will be judging the competitions ?

Panel of judges which consists of  reputed Toast Masters

 When is the General knowledge competition ?

On the day of the Leadership Summit, the General Knowledge Competition  will take place and the briefing will be done on that day.

 Who can we call to get clarifications ?

Malshani – 0774 440354

Shayani – 0777 604878

Shanthra – 077 2114 119