Gateway To Asia
Singapore's excellent geographical position makes travel within the Asian region a breeze. Using Singapore as your base, explore the ancient cities of Cambodia or island-hop your way through Indonesia. China and India are just a few hours away. With so many budget airlines operating from Singapore's Changi Airport, backpacking is an affordable reality.

Cultural Inspiration
Stimulate your mind in an environment where ethnic diversity is celebrated, and immerse your soul in a melting pot of cultures from Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. As English is widely used, you will never feel out of place while experiencing the local culture.

There is no other city that offers a more alluring mix of cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class education and a bustling cosmopolitan vibe thanks to a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Combine with the status of a leading finance, business and education hub, with the vibrant multi-cultural heritage; you will experience a unique learning experience that is global yet Asian.

Gastronomic Adventures
With eateries in almost every part of the island operating round the clock, it's easy to see why eating is considered a national pastime, if not obsession, in this food paradise. From the budget-conscious to the discerning, Singapore will enthrall and mouth-water your taste buds with a wide array of international and Asian flavours.

Year-round Entertainment
Outdoor sport fans and sun-seekers will have a blast thanks to the year-round sunny climate. Culture aficionados can have their pick from the historic museums, international and local music concerts, and art offerings throughout the year. For party-goers, Singapore takes partying to dizzying heights. Whatever your leisure preferences, there's always something new to discover on this surprising island.

University of Southampton
Lincoln University College
Curtin University
SEGi University
HELP University
Nanyang Institute of Management

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