Improve Employability
A degree from a well-respected university in USA offers myriad opportunities in building your career. Stepping into the global business world, many employers prefer graduates who experienced the diversity of the American culture wholeheartedly.

Undergraduates study a range of subjects in the first two years before selecting to specialize. This offers an overall exposure and experience in core subjects, in addition a great standing in a career which is of paramount importance in becoming a complete graduate.

Explore & Experience
Studying in America opens windows of opportunity to build up life experiences, embarking on journeys outside the comfort zone and moreover, connect with people from all walks of life. The destination offers ample sights to see and things to do during your spare time.

Direct Recruitment
Global organizations and Fortune-500 companies frequently visit universities at career fairs to showcase a glimpse of a graduate's career. Recruitment process by the corporate world is quite aggressive, hence seeks to actively recruit the perfect candidate.

The destination is renowned for amazing attractions all year around. Travelling across different states for sightseeing and adrenaline pumping adventures will simply blow your mind! Treat it like a holiday for a peaceful vacation and keep discovering.

Navitas at UMass Dartmouth
Navitas at UMass Boston
Navitas at WKU
Navitas at UNH - University of New Hampshire - USA
Navitas at UMass Lowell
James Madison University
Long Island University, Post Campus
Roosevelt University
University of Maine
University of Southern Maine
University of Vermont
Widener University
University of St.Thomas

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