July Intake 2020 Q & A

As you know many governments across the world including Sri Lanka are instructing their citizens to exercise social distancing and remain within their homes until the spread of this disease is brought under control.

While we fully support these efforts to ensure the safety of people, we as a university partner want to remain available to our customers to help them and support them to pursue their dreams even in these difficult times.

Here are a few questions and answers we have put together to help you to understand the current situation in Australia.

Q1 – Is there going to be a 6 months travel ban? 

Australia 6 months travel ban

Our Australian partnered universities have confirmed that the government has NOT declared that there is going to be a definite travel ban for the next 6 months. Moreover, The official government position (Australian Government Home Affairs)  clarifies that the travel ban is a precautionary measure until further notice.


Q2 - Is it safe to go for this July intake?

All our university partners are regularly keeping us updated about the proactive actions taken by them to protect their students and staff members. Most of the universities have implemented online teaching platforms to minimize disruption to one’s education progress. Also, the universities are leading the way to educate and create awareness about hygiene standards and other safety methods.

  • Working one-to-one with students unable to leave their home countries, to commence individualised study plans or options online. 
  • Developing resources to support students transitioning to online learning 
  • Developing resources to assist teaching teams to deliver online teaching 
  • Making available for students to access university  Library resources online   

Q3 - So what are my options for the next intake?

The Australian government & university partners have given the below options;

For the students with CoE – You can start your program online this coming July without any delay. (Kindly contact your  respective counsellor to understand your eligibility) Once the situation gets resolved and the travel ban is lifted you can apply for the visa and travel to Australia without any issue. 

For the students without CoE – You can work with our 3WGE counsellor, get evaluated, select your program and university and apply for a conditional offer. Since most of the students are unable to verify documents or unable to take the IELTS test we can get a conditional offer based on what you can submit. 

Now you can take IELTS classes ONLINE through 3W Acadamy (British Council Gold Partner) with a 50% cashback offer. 

Q4 - Is online teaching effective? What If I want to differ my intake?

As a practice, most of the universities offer both campus and online teaching to cater for all the students. We highly recommend you to still plan for the July intake because there’s no reason to waste your time and postpone your growth or career aspirations when universities are offering top of the range online teaching methods and platforms.

Currently,  existing students are studying online and continuing their studies as usual. While most of the Sri Lankan students, studying in local institutions are unable to continue their studies due to lack of online teaching capabilities. This gives you the edge to still access world-class education right from your home and continue your studies without disruption. Once the restrictions are lifted, you travel to Australia and commence your course from where you left off. 

Q5 - Has the Australian government taken any actions to help international students?

July Intake 2020 Q & A

The Australian government has special arrangements for students who are in Australia. For example, Australia’s major supermarkets will temporarily be able to offer more hours of work to international student employees. Also, there is a temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders for many Australian industries. 

Q6 - Do I need to start my application process now for the July or later intake?

Apply for July Intake
All university admission staff are working together to process your application. If you were planning for the July intake, You can get a conditional offer on scanned documents until you are able to submit your originals to us for validation & certification. 
We have introduced various digital tools to carry on the admission process seamlessly 

  • Scan your documents from home for FREE – through “Camscanner” App (Available for both Android and Apple devices through app market) 
  • Talk to a counsellor online for FREE – Through Google Meet and Zoom, Chat with us through website chat or through all our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) 
  • Reach your counsellor directly-
🔵 Colombo – Priyanka (0772 114 119), Natasha (076-872-5566 
🔵 Kandy – Chinthaka (0768 705 566), Warsha (0776 037 247), Mihiri (0777 551 405)
🔵 Negombo – Malshan (0777 660 365), Thejasri (0777 554 093)
🔵 Battaramulla – 076-872-5566 (Natasha)
🔵 Kurunegala – 0768 705 566 (Chinthaka)

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