Are you looking to further your education abroad, for global experience and exposure? Study in New Zealand and reap the benefits of a recognized educational qualification coupled with the opportunity to experience this beautiful country. The New Zealand education system is modelled after the British system, and as a result, education obtained in New Zealand is acknowledged around the world as being up-to-date and practical.

As New Zealand education consultants, we at 3WGE can help you can choose the correct course and find the correct education institution or university and the necessary documentation and process to apply for your student visa.  Education in New Zealand education is affordable offering one of the lowest tuition fees in the world, while the country is also recognised for having one of the best support systems for international students.

Students will get a high quality, hands on education that they deserve. The New Zealand education system goes so far as to check each and every course, program, and certificate for quality so that they can be recognized around the world as high-quality education. Furthermore, as mentioned before, the support services for international students are among the best in the world. They have a lot of expertise and experience in helping international students so that they can succeed in their programs. Enlist the assistance of 3WGE, New Zealand Education consultants in Sri Lanka, as our experts will help ensure that you fulfil your dreams of gaining an affordable and globally recognized tertiary education in this country that is also known for being welcoming and accommodating towards visitors. 



Finding accommodation during your studies is also quite easy as most universities offer Halls of Residence within the university premises which is a great option if you are new to the country. You will be in close proximity to the university as well as fellow students which is a confidence booster when first living abroad alone. Another affordable option is the Homestay program where you live with a family in their home, in your own room. It is a great way to enjoy a family atmosphere without spending all your money on accommodation. Finally, you can also opt to rent or ‘go flatting’, as it is referred to in New Zealand. Rentals allow you to pick your fellow flatmates, both native and international and you most often, will be able to find a place close to your university so that travel is not an issue.


New Zealand is considered as one of the most inexpensive places to study abroad. The cost of living is comparatively lower to other countries and this will be beneficially towards lowering your overall costs.


You will be exposed to new experiences and thoughts that will help you grow and mature as an individual. Fun and memorable days filled with lectures, assignments, work, socialising and travelling await you.


Money issues can be a strain when opting to study abroad. While you may be able to finance your studies, you need to have money to live and enjoy this new experience of living abroad to the fullest. That is one of the benefits of working while residing in a new country. Further, studies have also shown that students who work while in university do better in their studies in the long run, providing that they are not overstepping the allowed number of work hours. Another undeniable reason to work while studying is to give yourself some extra money to truly explore the new country as much as possible so that you go back home with not only your degree but also with lively memories and rich experiences.


There are plenty of work opportunities available for international students.  As your New Zealand visa consultants in Sri Lanka, out team at 3WGE will give you the details on how you can work on a student visa. You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week through the semester; during vacations, you can work up to 40 hours. So, instead of having to worry about finances, you get to supplement your education with an income.

You may even be able to obtain internships and other practical work. The international studies office at your university can help you find a job to sustain you during your time in New Zealand. Another great thing is that if students have acceptable qualifications completed in New Zealand, they have the opportunity to work there which is called as the “post study work visa”. This post study work visa will vary between 1 year to 3 years depending on the qualification and the city a student has studied. Work experiences you gain while studying in New Zealand will serve you well, when embarking on your work career as the experience will be recognized by employees globally.

Make use of this great opportunity to graduate with your globally recognized education qualifications and foreign work experience to be a sought-after employee that will be recognized as a well-rounded team player that any organisation would be willing to employ. Consult us at 3WGE, your New Zealand visa consultants in Sri Lanka, for more details and we will help your study in New Zealand dreams become a reality.

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