With over 4000 universities across the country, the United States boasts of some of the top universities in the world. The universities and colleges offer a wide range of degrees and courses in all academic fields. You may find excellent programs at the undergraduate and graduate level of study. US degrees are recognized and accepted around the world for their excellence.


The American higher education system offers flexible options to students according to their needs and interests. At the undergraduate level, students can choose different courses before they declare their choice of major at the end of the second year. This gives students time and options to explore their interests.

So, if you are undecided about your field of study it is absolutely alright. You can still apply stating that you are undecided about your major. Also, if you have already decided what you want to study, you can still study another subject and complete a “double major”, i.e. a degree in two subjects within the normal four years of study.
At the graduate level, i.e. master’s degree, you can customize your course according to your coursework to fit your academic goals. You always have the freedom to include ideas and opinions important to your area of academic interest.


An international degree opens up a wide range of career prospects and a degree from reputed universities widens the scope even further. Due to the varied insight into different fields of study offered by universities of USA, it broadens the scope of the career path that the student chooses and it is known that international companies look for candidates that offer them with a different take or perspective on their products.


It is often said that the American society is the epitome of freedom, fun and opportunity and it is quite true. Once a student decides to take admission to an American university, it brings in a lot of enthusiasm and freedom from the word go. It is said once a student sets foot on American soil, they start imbibing the culture that USA brings with its name. Studying in USA can give you opportunities to know and learn about other cultures and sharing your culture with your international friends.

EC – New Jersey Institute Of Technology
Duquesne University
University of Nebraska
University of Maryland Baltimore
– County
SG – Widener University
West Virginia University
The University of Vermont
Merrimack College
Roosevelt University
Long Island University
N – UMass Boston
UMass Dartmouth
UMass Lowell
University of Idaho
Florida Atlantic University
Richard Bland College of William &
– Mary
University of New Hampshire
CEG – The State University of New York
University of North Texas

California State University
– Monterey Bay
The University of Rhode Island
AB – University of California
Colorado State University
University of South Florida
Washington State University
George Mason University
University of Vermont
Kent State University
Saint Louis University
San Jose State University
Wichita State University
Western Kentucky University
Marshall University
Humboldt State University
Suffolk University
Northern Kentucky University
University of Hartford
Missouri State University
Colorado Mesa University
Southern New Hampshire University