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Q; How long does it take for me to get my Offer letter after I submit my supporting documents?

A: If all documents are completed we will apply for the offer letter and within 2 to 4 weeks you will generally receive your University Offer Letter

Q: How long does it take for me get my Visa?

A: Generally the granting of visa could take anytime between 1 month to 2 months depending on the Country of destination if the documents are all complete and perfect.

Q: What guidance do you give students for Visas?

A: Our services will include guidance on submission, type of documents required to support your application ,guidance on how to arrange your finances and even tips on the basics of a great SOP.

Q: Generally how much does it costs for my education overseas?

A: It depends on the country, the study program you select and the duration. Drop by our branches or connect with a Student Councilor and have a conversation and understand it.

Q: If my application to a University gets rejected, can I apply to another?

A: Yes of course you can. As an agent we will ensure we understand your profile and guide you to the most appropriate program and University to eliminate the possibility of an application rejection.

Q: Does the course fees change annually?

A: Yes. In most cases and in virtually every country fees tend to go up every year at least by 3% to 4%

Q: Does every University offer scholarships?

A: Most Universities do offer Scholarships based on merit. As an agent we will assess and look at your educational achievements and background and match available scholarships be it for Bachelors, Masters or PHD programs

Q: Do Universities have Skype or other video interviews prior to the selection process?

A: Very few do while most don’t. However as an agent we will work closely with you to guide you and assist you to successfully face these interviews.

Q: Is IELTS mandatory for all Universities at admission level?

A: Yes. This is required. Apart from IELTS other English language proficiency tests such as PEARSONS is also accepted by Universities.

Q: In terms of Medicals and Bio Metrics how do we get about it?

A: As your Overseas education consultant we will provide you with the necessary guidance and will also co-ordinate and arrange appointments for you where necessary and all this is free of charge

Q: If we have a previous Visa Refusal yet could we apply again for a student visa or study permit?

A: This needs to be discussed and all circumstances that led to the refusal carefully assessed. Therefore we recommend you visit us and have a discussion before you proceed any further. This needs to be discussed on a one on one basis with the Councilor and Visa Officer of the Agent.

Q: If I don’t have A’level’s but have passed my O levels and possess some professional qualification or a recognized Diploma course can I still do a Bachelor’s degree?

A: Yes. There are plenty of opportunities for people like you. Come visit us and we will show you very good pathway programs to achieve your dream despite not having you’re A’level’s

Q: How can I find suitable accommodation in the country I choose to study?

A: As your overseas education Consultant, we have partnerships through whom we will assist you to find very comfortable and safe accommodation with easy access to your Uinversity and good public transport.

Q: If my sponsors need Bank funding to support my overseas education can you help?

A: Yes certainly. We will introduce you to our partner Banks who will then work with your sponsors to help come up with suitable funding arrangements

Q: As my overseas education agent will you assist me with airline tickets and insurance?

A: Yes. We will work with our partner travel agents and help you to get best prices and connections. We will also work with our Insurance partners and assist you to obtain your overseas student health cover at the cheapest prices.

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